Car bomb explosion kills 11 in Somalia | News

At least 11 people died this Wednesday in an explosion outside the international airport of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, in an attack that was claimed by the Al-Shabab group, an ally of the Al-Qaeda network.


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The terror group said in a statement that the attack targeted “foreign officials,” although it took place just days after Somali leaders agreed on a new calendar for the African country’s general elections. There were 15 injured as a result of the attack.

Although it was not immediately clear how many people were killed or who the target was, local government security officer Mohamed Abdi said that “the initial information we have … indicates that at least 11 people were killed and several more were injured in the attack. huge car bomb explosion “.

The attack was reportedly aimed at a UN convoy, which has offices in the so-called “Green Zone”, which also houses embassies and the multinational force of the African Union Mission for Somalia (AMISOM). The UN later said there were no officers of his in the attacked convoy.

“It has also caused devastation in the area,” he confirmed, and warned that the number of victims could be higher due to the number of people present.

The al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group al-Shabab, which controls parts of Somalia, often carries out bombings at high-profile locations in the capital.

The group aims to overthrow the central government of Somalia and impose a strict interpretation of Islamic law. It carries out frequent weapons and bomb attacks against government and security targets, but also civilians, as well as African Union peacekeepers.

Somalia has lived in a state of war and chaos since 1991, when the ruler Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown, leaving the country without an effective government and in the hands of Islamist militias and warlords.