"Canelo has not paid me": Adela Micha complains to Saúl Álvarez for the bet he won and has not settled

Three months after he won a bet against Canelo Álvarezthe journalist Adela Micha continues to wait for the boxer to pay what was agreed, so during one of his programs he joked about what happened.

It should be remembered that last November, Álvarez attended an interview with Micha, where they talked about various topics and one of them was the Mexican team, since we were one day away from the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022so the Canelo gave his forecast that El Tri would reach the World Cup, something with which the communicator did not agreeso they agreed to a bet that she would win if Mexico was eliminated before the final and he would win if the team reached the seventh game.

We all know the result since November 30, the day the tricolor team was kicked out of the tournament, so the winner of the bet was Adela, who took advantage of the microphones in the most recent edition of "Me lo dijo Adela" to send a joking message to the redhead.

“Canelo has not paid me. Do not disappoint me. The truth, Canelo, you are very bad because the word is kept, you have to honor it and gambling bets are honor bets "the communicator expressed between laughs.

What did Adela Micha and Canelo Álvarez bet?

In that November interview, when the boxer assured that Mexico could reach the final, the journalist immediately reversed him and sealed it as a bet. a bottle of wine from a fairly exclusive brand, which can cost an average of $5,000, although some special editions can be worth up to a million dollars at auctions.

I'll buy you a bottle of Petrus if they make it to the Final and you buy me a bottle of Petrus if they don't make it to the Final”, Micha launched at him, which the boxer accepted.

So far, the man from Guadalajara has not spoken about it; but it is probable that he will do so soon, since he is not characterized by breaking his word.

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