Canelo Álvarez went directly to the pride of the "Junior": the boxer from Guadalajara described Julio César Chávez Jr as a waste

Chávez Jr. and Canelo met in May 2017.

Photo: JOHN GURZINSKI/Getty Images

In the last days, Julio César Chávez Jr. reappeared in the media by giving an interview to talk about his future. The "Junior" looked somewhat recovered after his constant relapses into addictions. Although Chávez Jr. fights to return to the elite of the ring, Canelo Álvarez disqualified the race of his compatriot.

Saúl Álvarez was interviewed by GQ magazine. The boxer from Guadalajara participated in a dynamic in which he had to respond to boxers' names with the first word that comes to mind. They named Canelo Julio César Chávez Jr. and the response of the man from Guadalajara was "A waste".

The "Junior" carried on his back the weight of his father's name, the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez. Despite the fact that Chávez Jr. showed great skills in his early years as a professional, The Mexican boxer was hindering his path and staining his talent with problems outside the ring such as addictions. In this same order of ideas, Canelo spoke of the disciplinethe fundamental element to achieve the objectives within the ring.

“There is no perfect formula and, of course, there are no secrets. I have seen many wasted talents, as I have also seen many people who want it and do not have the talent (...) So, I think young people should find out what they are good at, which It is his talent and bet on discipline. I think it is the base to reach the top“, sentenced Álvarez.

The "Junior" wants to return to the elite

In his reappearance in the media, Julio César Chávez Jr. acknowledged that Will work to get 100 fights in his professional career. The "Junior" also criticized the elections of Canelo Álvarez's rivals and assured that he would be ready in case the man from Guadalajara wants a new fight with him. Chávez Jr. considers himself a much more attractive opponent from whom Saúl Álvarez could generate more profit.

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