Canelo Álvarez takes the win but cannot knock out John Ryder on his return to Mexican soil

Canelo Alvarez defeated John Ryder.

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Canelo Alvarez prevailed over John Ryder by unanimous decision in Akron, in a fight that meant his return to fight in his country after 12 years. However, the pressure hit the man from Guadalajara and he could not end the fight with a knockout against a boxer who is not considered among the elite.

Despite dominating the fight for all 12 rounds, the Mexican could not deliver the final blow and although he managed to knock Ryder down, the power and firmness of the Briton kept him on his feet until the end.

Entrance of Canelo Álvarez and John Ryder

The Akron dressed up for the return of Canelo Álvarez to fight on Mexican soil and his welcome was given by his own mother in a video that made all the audience present stop from their seats. who sighed to see his idol again in his patio who also entered the venue to the rhythm of a modern version of Eye The Tiger.

They also combined the popular theme with the mariachis from Jalisco who filled the public present with euphoria to the rhythm of "They tell me the Guadalajara because I grew up in Jalisco." For their part his rival made his entrance to the rhythm of My Sacrifice by Creed, John Ryder knew that he had a practically impossible mission in an adverse and imposing scenario.

start of combat

The first round was a study for both fighters with John Ryder not wanting to be impressed by Canelo and the stage, the corner yelled at the British not to respect the man from Guadalajara just in the first round and to go forward. In the second round, Canelo was already getting into rhythm with his right hand in the humanity of the Briton.

In the third round Canelo was cut and was an encouragement to throw good shots at Ryder's humanitythe right wing of the Guadalajara was falling where he wanted and made the British bleed who saw himself in danger.

Superiority of Canelo Álvarez against a tough John Ryder

from the fourth round John Ryder looked in poor condition and feeling Canelo's blows, it was not until the fifth round when the man from Guadalajara sent the British man to the canvasHowever, he stood up bravely to continue in the lawsuit, surviving.

The “Cielito Lindo” was heard in the Akron and it seemed a matter of time before the fight would close against a very brave fighter who wanted to continue standing despite the adversity completing a good sixth round.

Ryder reached the eighth round with a lot of blood on his face, however he was still standing enduring the attacks of the Mexican. The Briton ended up on the floor but due to a trip with the foot of Canelo Álvarez.

In the ninth Ryder was reeling from Canelo's attacks but nevertheless he responded and asked the rival for morethe British gave a true display of courage and will in the ring.

Rounds 10 and 11 were no different, the script continued to be the same, the Briton standing up against a pressured Canelo who until now had not been able to deliver the coup de grace on his land.

Finally Ryder also tried to deliver the coup de grace in a bout from the pulled oil since in the previous one everyone took the knockout of the Mexican for granted, but it was not like that.

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