Canelo Álvarez has already answered what he thinks that his son wants to be a boxer

After Saúl Abdiel Álvarez, the only son of the Cinnamon, He declared that his desire is to dedicate himself to boxingthe famous father was questioned about it and made it clear that the 4-year-old will have your full supportalthough he warned that this path would not be easy.

"It is very hard. Boxing is very hard. But if he wants to be a boxer, I'll support him. It is very difficultI would love that they choose another sportNo? But, if you want, I will support you 100%”, declared the famous Mexican boxer for Roobet.

This reaction comes days before one of his most important commitments in recent months, his fight against John Ryder, since it will mark his return to Mexico after more than a decade without fighting in his homeland.

In this regard, the redhead mentioned that Ryder will be a good synod for his return, although he did not rule out his danger.

He is a good boxer, he has had good fights and he has beaten good fighters. I liked it for my return, I feel like it's a perfect fight for me right now.”, he explained.

Immediately afterwards, he was asked if he considered him a fighter in mode or if he saw any kind of weakness, which he categorically denied.

"No. Look, all fighters are dangerous, TRUE? But you feel this kind of level. I can measure myself with any fighter. He's a good fighter, but at the end of the day, I'm going to win.

Finally, about rehabilitation after surgery on his right hand, He said he felt fully recovered.

I'm fine, I feel very good. I'm going to start hitting, but I feel ready. I am training 100%I do it depending on the style of my opponent, but I always train 100%”, he concluded.

Canelo Álvarez and John Ryder will meet this May 6 at the Akron Stadium in Jalisco.

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