Canelo Álvarez got into the conflict between J Balvin and Residente: the Mexican boxer could not contain the Puerto Rican singer

The media conflict between Residente and J Balvin completely exploded. The famous Puerto Rican singer broke out publicly and expressed it through an eight-minute song in which constantly insults the Colombian artist. This conflict could have been avoided and Saul “Canelo” Álvarez was one of the mediators.

The differences between Residente and J Balvin arose a few months ago. The Colombian singer called for a boycott of the Grammy Awards because urban music was not given the ideal recognition. This position upset Residente, since his plan was interposed with a ceremony in which Music legend Rubén Blades would be honored.

I explain so you understand: your music is like a hot dog cartmany people like it or may like it, but when they want to eat well, they go to a restaurant and that is the one that wins Michelin stars“Resident commented.

Canelo Álvarez tried to end the current conflict

After the trouble at the Grammys, Both artists began to annoy each other through social networks. But the reports indicate that it was J Balvin who gave his arm to twist and He asked Saúl Álvarez for help.

“J Balvin was worried about what is happening and It occurred to him to call Saul and tell him that he needed his help. He asked him to call René and answer the phone (…) So it was the boxing champion the one who called him and for this everything was arranged in the beginningbut later J Balvin's father began to put those things on his social networks, "Raúl Molina revealed for el Gordo y la Flaca.

Despite the fact that Saúl Álvarez tried to calm the waters, the conflict is more alive than ever and, as a result of the Puerto Rican song, A response from J Balvin is expected to continue this fight between two great icons of Latin music.

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