Canelo Álvarez exposes titles and credibility to Jermell Charlo | Video

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The Jalisco Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and the American Jermell Charlo will be measured this Saturday in Las Vegas (Nevada), for the four super middleweight belts (168 pounds) in the possession of the Mexican.

Álvarez Barragán (59-2-2) appeared in Guadalajara with victory against John Ryder last May, with some doubts due to its lack of forcefulness in hitting and receiving unnecessary punishment.

The Mexican champion returns to Las Vegaswhere he defeated the Kazakh Gennady Golovkin for finish his trilogy in September 2022.

Meanwhile, Charlo (35-1-1) He hasn't fought since May 2022 and, as has been noted, its performance gives rise to many, due to its prolonged inactivity.

Charlo is a current Undisputed World Champion in the weight Super welterweight (154 pounds), moving up two divisions to aspire to end Canelo's reign.

The Mexican exclaimed in an interview for TUDN:

I would be a liar if as a fighter I told you that I don't want to knock out. One always has the mentality of going and finishing the fight by knockout, the fact that it doesn't always happen is another thing, but you always go with that mentality. You prepare with the desire to go and knock out.

The Jalisco native assures that combat is not going to be easydespite the inexperience of Charlo in his category and added:

I have to take care of his right and left as well, he has a good left overhand. He has the power to finish them off with a single blow.

While, Charlo He stressed that fans must be prepared to see their best version in the ring. He claims to have an excellent power in your fists, precise lateral movements and a dominance of the ring that rivals that of 'Canelo'. He promises that this fight “will not be a walk in the park” and that it will shock the world.

Canelo also spoke about a possible retirement. The 33-year-old fighter He still has good physical sensations, and declares that he will think about this when he sees his motivation drop.

The day I get tired I'm going to retire. The day I say that I no longer do it with the same enthusiasm, it is already difficult for me to concentrate, it is difficult for me to go to the gym or it is difficult for me to go to train, that day I am going to retire. The truth is that I have a lot of fun, I enjoy it a lot and here we are.

Before retirement, Cinnamon He will have to demonstrate his position as a favorite against the American, who will fight at home this Saturday before 20 thousand people.

It is estimated that the fight Canelo-Charlo will start between 9:00 p.m. and 9:15 p.m., central Mexico time.

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