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Under strict security measures, in the context of violence that is experienced in the country, the two candidates for the Presidency of Ecuador will meet face to face in the debate this Sunday, prior to the runoff on October 15.


1,000 uniformed personnel deployed in the Ecuadorian province of Guayas

Metal mesh fences and a large contingent of uniformed public forces, as well as rescue organizations in the event of possible risks, will be in charge of providing security for the mandatory electoral debate.

The presidential candidates Daniel Noboa and Luisa González will be face to face in a debate that will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will be broadcast on the national network.

For this event, organized by the National Electoral Council (CNE), security measures have been contemplated, such as the presence of more than 200 members of the National Police and the Armed Forces, who will be positioned around the television network.

According to the rules established for the second round confrontation, the debate will last two hours. The exchange between the presidential candidates will focus on four thematic axes: economy, security, social and politics. For each block, two questions will be asked, there will be space for replies and cross-questions.

In the first round, after the murder of Fernando Villavicencio, the debate was key. It captivated the attention of thousands of citizens, during and after its broadcast.

According to the company Comunicaliza, 70% of Ecuadorians tuned in to the presidential debate on August 13; The reach meant three points more than in 2021. And if we add to that those who did not watch the program at the time of broadcast but consumed information afterwards, the impact was 82%.

Ruth del Salto will be in charge of asking and cross-examining in the fourth axis; she will not know the questions until the day of the event, just like the two presidential candidates.

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