Candidate Gustavo Petro criticizes his rival’s refusal to debate | News


A few days before the celebration of the second round of elections in Colombia, the presidential candidate of the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro, criticized his opponent, the right-wing Rodolfo Hernández, of the Anti-Corruption Leaders League for declining to participate in the public debate.


Colombian court orders debate between Petro and Hernández

Gustavo Petro also reiterated his willingness to debate with Rodolfo Hernández, as ordered by the Superior Court of Bogotá, which ruled on an amparo appeal in which the proposals of both presidential candidates were requested to be heard in a public debate.

“I can only say that you cannot be President and set traps for the judges. Without judges, there will only be dictatorship and violence. We will abide by and defend justice”, expressed the candidate of the Historical Pact when referring to the arguments given by Hernández for not attending the debate ordered by the Bogotá court.

According to Rodolfo Hernández, he did not find a genuine willingness on the part of Gustavo Petro to agree on the rules of the debate that should be set for the meeting to take place.

Faced with Hernández’s arguments, the candidate Petro stated that he was willing to debate without setting conditions and left all the details of the debate in the hands of the RTVC Public Media System.

“Yesterday I said that I was ready for the debate, and I reiterate it. Yesterday and also today. I’m glad you agreed to debate. You didn’t want to, they forced you,” Gustavo Petro said in a statement.

Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández will face each other on June 19 in the second electoral round to define who will hold the reins of the country for the next four years.

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