Canadian Anti-Vaccine Truckers Block Ottawa Airport | News

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The demonstration by Canadian anti-vaccine truckers, with the support of residents of Ottawa and other cities, has spread not only to the border bridges between the United States and Canada, but also to the accesses of the Ottawa international airport, it transpires this Thursday.


Blockade of anti-vaccine Canadian truckers adds up to 11 days

A group of people protesting for two weeks due to Covid-19 and vaccination restrictions in Canada are slowing down traffic to and from Ottawa's main airport this Thursday morning, according to local media and transportation authorities.

More than 50 flights are scheduled for this day at that airport.

Meanwhile, the road blockade of the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario, a major trade route between the US and Canada, entered its fourth day: During the first three days of blockades, Windsor police were able to keep the entrance from a side street to the bridge for slow traffic, but already this Thursday it was not possible.

However, overnight Wednesday and early Thursday, protesters moved to block off an area of ​​the street, forcing transport trucks and other traffic to stop in the city center. The main artery of the bridge has been blocked since Monday afternoon.

The situation has caused that, by land, there is no access to Canada from the US through that bridge, which continues "temporarily closed", according to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Authorities continue to direct commercial vehicles to another international bridge in Sarnia, Ontario, but a portion of the highway en route to that international crossing has been blocked since Thursday by protesters with farm equipment and other vehicles.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau complained: "The lockdowns in Windsor and Ottawa are endangering jobs, impeding trade, threatening the economy and clogging up our communities. They need to stop. I spoke about it with [el primer ministro Doug Ford] tonight: our teams will continue to work to support Ontarians and get the situation under control."

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