Can Bruce Willis be cured? This is known about his illness, which has only gotten worse.

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Mexico.-This is known about the illness of 68-year-old Bruce Willis, which has only worsened his health.

Bruce Willis suffers from frontotemporal dementia and his health condition consequently worsens over time.

Since the actor's illness was reported, his relatives have expressed that there is no cure for said disease.

It's been almost a year since Bruce Willis' family announced he was retiring from acting after being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

A disease for which there are no treatments and which causes loss of the ability to understand and speak.

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Bruce Willis' health condition seems to be worsening as the weeks go by, as recent reports reveal that he is suffering from severe memory loss.

After no longer being able to communicate verbally, he has now stopped recognizing his 60-year-old ex-wife Demi Moore.

Demi Moore was his partner for more than 10 years and the mother of his three daughters.

“Her memory faded, Demio realized he didn't really recognize her, she is devastated, she had no idea she had fallen so far.”


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The latest information indicates that, after returning from a trip to Italy, Demi Moore went to see him at his house and the actor did not recognize her.

The news was announced by Closer magazine, who reported that the actor has significantly lost his memory.

The publication assures that this news could have been “heartbreaking” for Demi Moore, since despite being divorced from Bruce Willis for several years, both maintained a close relationship.

Despite the sad situation, it is known that Bruce Willis does recognize his current wife, Emma Hemming, and his children.

Although, according to the source, sometimes the actor has mood swings and appears “aggressive” due to the progression of the disease.

Bruce Willis


Tallulah Willis - 29 years old, daughter of Bruce Willis, provides details of her father's health in her recent appearance on the Drew Barrymore show.

The young woman indicated that Bruce Willis continues to enjoy life and helping others do the same, despite the severity of his illness.

“He has a really aggressive cognitive disease, a form of dementia that is very rare, he is the same, which I think, in that sense, I have learned is the best that can be expected”


Likewise, Tallulah Willis took the opportunity to deny rumors that her father was at a very critical point.

He expressed that “a big part” of the way he spends time with Bruce Willis is “playing music and just sitting in this energy of love.”

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