Campaign for a constitutional plebiscite begins in Chile | News


The campaign for the constitutional plebiscite in Chile began this Wednesday after the delivery of a Magna Carta proposal to President Gabriel Boric by the Constitutional Convention.


Constituent Assembly of Chile submits proposal for a new Magna Carta

Facing the plebiscite to be held on September 4, the supporters of Approval or Rejection have begun to intervene publicly to defend their respective positions.

The secretary general of the Chilean government, Camila Vallejo, pointed out that “our obligation is to deliver the full text of the new Constitution, without interpretations, so that you can debate and talk.”

Similarly, the constituent for the 12th district, Benito Baranda, stated that the proposal was “written in democracy, with popularly chosen conventions, with gender parity, with representation of PPOO, with popular participation mechanisms and reaching agreements with two thirds”.

For his part, former President Ricardo Lagos called for consensus and to take advantage of the positive aspects of each position by stating that “If the Approval wins, the debate should be opened to incorporate improvements in the text.”

It was precisely during the Lagos administration that the largest number of reforms were made to the current Constitution in Chile, which was approved in August 1980 during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

President Gabriel Boric emphasized this Tuesday during the official delivery of the constitutional proposal that “This draft Constitution and the plebiscite, which will take place on September 4, is not and should not be a trial of the Government.”

Accordingly, Boric signed a decree to stipulate the mandatory vote on the scheduled date where more than 15 million Chileans will choose whether or not to approve the text written by the 154 members of the Constituent Assembly for a year.

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