Call IMSS to get vaccinated against COVID-19, if you don’t have the complete schedule


The population that has not received the vaccine against COVID-19 and those who do not have the complete scheme are still exposed to contracting the virus, for which the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and the health sector reinforce the immunization campaign to prevent cases of the disease and guarantee the protection of people.

During the month of April, Social Security works actively with the aim of promoting the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 at the national level and immunizing the population that requires the immune system or needs reinforcement.

The IMSS makes a reminder about the importance of having immunization to protect vulnerable people such as older adults, those suffering from chronic-degenerative diseases, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and overweight, and pregnant women.

The population that goes to the various medical units of the Mexican Institute of Social Security to receive the dose of AstraZeneca, must present only official identification to request the application. To find out where the IMSS vaccination sites are located, you can consult the link:

As part of this intensive vaccination campaign, the Institute also established contact with the main business sectors to apply the biological to workers and their families, over 18 years of age.

This was achieved through the occupational health and public health services of the 35 IMSS Representative Offices in the states, where employer sectors were contacted to invite workers to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The procedure to achieve this objective consists of channeling a request to the local public health services, where the feasibility of applying the biological in the company’s facilities is asked; Depending on the number of people interested, it is determined whether a vaccinating team is sent or information is provided on the medical units close to the work centers.

During the immunization process, preventive health measures are carried out against this disease, such as the correct use of face masks, maintaining a healthy distance of 1.5 meters and frequent hand hygiene.

Social Security reminds the population that those who require a second dose must wait two months after receiving the first; the booster can be applied four months after receiving the second dose.

It is also important to inform that the vaccine AstraZeneca they can receive it as a booster, regardless of the brand of vaccine with which they have been immunized in the initial schedule.

Vaccination is not a reason to suspend medication; pregnant women should be vaccinated after 9 weeks of gestation, breastfeeding women can also be vaccinated.

When going to the medical units where they are vaccinated, it is very important that the population notify the health personnel if they have a history of severe allergies, that is, if they have been hospitalized for this situation, so that the medical personnel can give them the corresponding instructions.

Those who require the vaccine and have a positive COVID-19 test must wait until the symptoms are gone, mainly the fever.

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