Call for removal of Creel; pro-government deputies accuse him of using the position to promote himself

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Francisco Garfias.

There were two hours of official verbal shrapnel against Santiago Creel, president of the board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies, for "preventing" the entry to the session hall of armed soldiers who were going to pay tribute to the flag at the opening of the period Ordinary.

There were many reproaches, threats of dismissal, accusations that he uses the position to promote himself as a candidate for the presidential candidacy.

Shouts and disqualifications were heard. The morenista, Carlos Francisco Ortiz Quesada, called him a pedant with a vocation Fifi.

The years that Mr. Creel spent studying Mexican constitutional law at other gringo universities, what he did to him, because he surely speaks very good English, is that he thinks in English,” said the morenista.


The first to request Creel's removal was a PT deputy, Gerardo Fernández Noroña. He reproached the PAN for the "premeditated use of the Board of Directors with partial political intent."

The PT member felt aggrieved because Creel did not open the microphone for him the day that the armed military could not enter the compound. "It is not the behavior that the person who presides over the chamber should have," he said.

Noroña was seconded in his request to remove the PAN member from the morenistas Leonel Godoy, Oscar Cantón Zetina, Guadalupe Chavira, the PT member, Benjamín Robles and others.

Santiago held the rod. "Thank you very much, I appreciate her position and I take it into account," he told all his critics.

When he took possession of the issue as president of the lower house, he had several articles of the internal regulations read to support his position that he applied the Law.

The PAN bench gave him their support. The PRI and the PRD were neutral. The MC added to the criticism that he is promoting himself as a presidential candidate.

Sor coordinator, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, He insisted that the weapons should not have even entered the lobby of the legislative compound. “whatWhose responsibility is it that armed persons do not enter the legislative compound? To the Presidency of the Board of Directors ”, he stressed.

It was a debate peppered with politicking. All admitted that the regulation prohibits weapons from entering the legislative area. That was the litis principal.

The pro-government majority was upset by the road show de Creel in the media, exhibiting them, and because, according to them, he did not conduct himself as the representative of the 500 deputies.


The Sedena put the dots on the i's. In a statement, he made it clear that in coordination with representatives of the protocol area of ​​the Board of Directors, the lobby of the legislative compound was determined as the venue for the event.

In other words, Creel did not close the door of the meeting room to the military, nor did he disrespect the national flag. It was a concerted action.


After the farce that was put together by the arrival without notice of alito Moreno to the plenary session of the PRI senators, which led the coordinator of that bench, Miguel Ángel Osorio, to suspend it, there was an exchange of letters between the two.

The first to send the letter was Osorio. The head of the PRI bench in the Senate began by reproaching the concentration of power of alito in the game and ended up proposing a dialogue.

He wants to speak with the national leader of the party to establish the forms of dialogue "and continue to face the attempts of Morena and the government to weaken the counterweights, violate the rule of law, undermine our democracy and dismantle the institutions."

Alejandro Moreno responded positively. Set date: Thursday, February 9 at the Presidents Hall of the national headquarters of the PRI.


A friend left, Gerardo Islas. A heart attack prematurely took the leader of Fuerza through Mexico during a trip to Spain. He was 39 years old. He leaves behind his young wife Claudia and two little ones.

I greeted him only on January 31st. He invited me to the event where, together with Fernando González, from Redes Sociales Progresistas; and Hugo Eric Flores, from Encuentro Social, announced that they are going together in the elections for governor of the State of Mexico. They will decide which candidate to endorse after a month-long online consultation. Rest in peace.

The militants of these three small parties will decide; in an online consultation that begins on October 18 and ends on March 18, if they support Delfina Gómez or the alliance member Alejandra del Moral. Rest in peace.


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