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Representatives of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) and the National Anti-Mining Front called this Wednesday for marches to be held on June 13 in each province, as part of the process for the declaration of jurisdictions as mining-free territories .


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The president of Conaie, Leónidas Iza, stated that "on June 13 we are going to hold a march in the provincial capitals to hand over the January 12 mandate that we are working on, in coordination with the National Anti-Mining Front."

Similarly, the leader asked the authorities of the Pachakutik movement not to allow "the aggressive advance of large-scale mining, open-pit mining."

Likewise, he announced that a claim of unconstitutionality of Executive Decree 754, which gives viability to the environmental consultation, will be filed on June 13.

Iza explained that after Parliament was dissolved by the head of state, Guillermo Lasso, last month and the general elections were brought forward, decree 754 came into force, "which reforms the Regulations of the Environmental Code."

He also stressed that the decree confuses the environmental consultation with the free, prior and informed consultation of indigenous nationalities, peoples and communities.

In this sense, it stated "this decree relapses, once again, into the same unconstitutionalities with respect to prior consultation, (on which) the Constitutional Court has already declared in several sentences."

"The Yasuní popular consultation is a historic opportunity to stop the destruction of the Amazon forest, which is home to the last indigenous peoples in isolation: the Tagaeri, the Taromenane, and it is also the most biodiverse place on the planet," said the representative. from the Yasunidos collective, Pedro Bermeo.

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