Call for a new national march against Dina Boluarte in Peru | News

Union centrals, social organizations and progressive parties of Peru, called for this Tuesday a national march to demand the resignation of the designated president Dina Boluarte, the holding of early elections and the dissolution of Congress.


Demonstrations continue in Peru to demand the resignation of Dina Boluarte

The General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP) and the National Assembly of the Peoples (ANP) specified that the call for January 31 is similar to that of the 19th, when delegations from various regions of the country marched in Lima that maintain their protests since January 4.

The organizers of the massive mobilization indicated that they will gather in the afternoon in the central Plaza Dos de Mayo in the country’s capital to once again demand the resignation of the acting president, Dina Boluarte.

Through a statement, the ANP pointed out that the struggle of thousands of Peruvians demands attention to their demands and is responded by the Government “with a repressive and cowardly policy.”

“Almost two months of tenacious struggle have elapsed, with the courage of the peoples of the southern regions; with the spilled blood of 60 Peruvian men and women and thousands of wounded and detainees”, said the text.

It also points out that after the resignation of Dina Boluarte, the new transitional government must guarantee the holding of elections in 2023 and the calling of a referendum on the relevance of a constituent assembly.

In addition to the Peruvian capital, mobilizations are expected in other regions of the country that have been on strike since early January.

The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office went to the headquarters of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of the Interior on Monday to gather information on the deaths caused by the repression, for which President Dina Boluarte and other members of her government are being investigated.

The acting president and other officials of her government are being investigated for the alleged commission of the crimes of genocide, qualified homicide and serious injuries committed during the protests that took place between December and January in the regions of ApurĂ­mac, La Libertad, Puno, JunĂ­n, Arequipa and Ayacucho.

The protests have been going on in several regions of the country since last December 7, when the then President Pedro Castillo was dismissed by Congress, an entity that later swore in Dina Boluarte.
The repression of anti-government demonstrations by the security forces has left more than 60 dead and hundreds injured.