California surpasses 6 million Covid infections and currently has 11,048 hospitalized patients

The current record rate of infections is putting pressure on hospitals, schools and other institutions.

Photo: Vidal Balielo Jr. / Pexels

The arrival of Ómicron has raised the number of daily cases to its highest levels and sent a large number of people with positive coronavirus to the hospital.

Have been reported more than 6 million accumulated cases of coronavirus in California, according to data compiled by the Los Angeles Times, while the Omicron variant continues its astonishing spread.

The current record pace of infections is putting pressure on hospitals, schools and other institutions, which are struggling to maintain full services, even as some employees take time off to deal with Covid-19.

On Monday, the state reported 308,820 new infections, a colossal figure that includes data from Saturday and Sunday.

State officials said more than 600,000 COVID tests are performed daily.

The Los Angeles County reached his own milestone on Monday, exceeding 2 million cases.

Along with the astronomical rise in infections, California is also experiencing a sharp rise in hospitalizations, a trend made even more challenging by coronavirus-related staff shortages in ambulance services and hospitals.

As of Sunday, 11,048 positive coronavirus patients were hospitalized across the state, more than triple than a month ago.

“When we look at what’s going on with COVID, we know that hundreds of thousands of Californians (are) becoming infected,” Dr. Mark Ghaly, California’s secretary of health and human services, told the Los Angeles Times on Monday.

“Fortunately, due to the high level of immunity and vaccination protection, the hospitalization rate is lower, but that is with that large number of cases. Even with a lower percentage of hospitalizations, it still means a lot of work, a lot of pressure on our healthcare system.

Just under two months ago the state registered its 5 millionth coronavirus case, a threshold that came and went at a time when California was seeing declines in both the daily number of newly reported infections and the number of hospitalized with COVID. -19.

But the arrival of Omicron has reversed those trends strongly, raising the number of daily cases to their highest levels and sending a stream of new coronavirus-positive people to the hospital.

Los Angeles County has reported more than 225,000 new coronavirus cases in the past week, including the three highest single-day totals in the entire pandemic. County health officials announced the latest record, 45,584, on Sunday.

Even such large totals are likely an undercount, officials say, since they don’t include many of those who may have self-diagnosed through an at-home test.

Dr. Edward O. Blews III, regional medical director for infection prevention and control at Kaiser Permanente Fontana and Ontario Medical Centers, said the “overwhelming majority” of his coronavirus cases are the Omicron variant and the major part of those who are hospitalized are unvaccinated patients.

The emergency room is “very, very, very busy right now,” he said.

“Our numbers are not as high as they were during the spike in late 2020 in December, but they are still increasing at this point,” Blews said.

During last winter’s Covid-19 surge, about 80% of coronavirus-positive patients in the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center emergency department were admitted, and nearly half of them went to the hospital unit. intensive care, according to Dr. Brad Spellberg, the hospital’s medical director. Now, about a third of coronavirus positive patients are admitted and 20% to 25% go to the ICU.

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