C and H: what to do when the dashboard of your car shows these letters

When we drive our vehicle or any other, it is necessary to know the signs, symbols and emblems that appear on the dashboard. With the passage of technology it has been digitized a bit, but they continue to show the same meaning.

The letter "E" for gasoline is usually the most common along with the "Check Engine" sign that tells us that something is wrong with the power unit or with another compound that leads to engine failure.

However, there are two letters that perhaps few people know their meaning: the “H” and “C”. Learn what they are about and what message they convey to the driver.

The meaning of the “C” and “H”

The indicator CH It is also related to the engine, contrary to what some people think. The letter "C" means cold, while the "H" means hot.

In fact, in a car whose cooling system works as it should, you would have to have the needle in the center of this important indicator, since its function is to determine that the power unit is working at the right temperature.

Now, if, on the other hand, the needle is constantly in one of the letters, there are probably problems with the engine. The letter C reflects a very cold power unit which requires heating, while the H works in the opposite way.

serious problems

An overheated engine is more problematic than a cold one, continuing to drive like this causes significant damage to power unit components. Nowbeyond the “H” indicator, signals as a noise “TIC Taccoolant leaks under the car, steam or an unusual smell coming from the field are also indicative of the existence of an irregularity.

Possible causes

Causes for engine overheating can be due to insufficient coolant or antifreeze, water pump failure, radiator problems, low oil level, bad thermostat, hose problems or clogged heater core. .

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