by the hand of God

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Ruben Cortes.

Why play with words: Mexico is experiencing an open contempt by the president of democratic rules: because of his pistols, he brought forward the electoral pre-campaign in his party by five months. Almost half a year! And face down everyone. Nothing happens here.

The electoral body is a stone guest in the Mexican political system; And if it worked before, it was because Salinas, Zedillo, Fox, Calderón and Peña strengthened, respected and sought it. The current president toothless, and today the INE is little.

Because the INE, and to a very large extent, the institutions of Mexican democracy (INAI, IFAI... plus all the others) depended on the will of the power in power, on the consensus that allowed them to exist, whoever won the presidency.

Yes, it is encouraging that the citizen marches have achieved the permanence of the INE without the Plan B of the current president, to take it as Maduro and Ortega already did. But in the end it is a barely bureaucratic INE to organize elections and count votes.

For example, the INE cannot do anything in the face of Morena's blatant violations of the electoral law, such as the fact that the pre-campaigns must begin in the third week of November. The Morena candidates will do it from June 19 to August 27.

In addition, from August 28 to September 3, Morena will carry out her supposed survey; and, on September 6, the president will uncover whoever champions the official party on September 6. Summary: Morena will make advanced pre-campaigns.

And the INE cannot do anything before a president who, unlike the five previous ones, does not respect, protect, seek, or want him; on the contrary, he rejects it: he ordered his corcholatas to carry out five months of absolutely illegal electoral proselytism.

In the last elections in the State of Mexico, the president, his corcholatas, state secretaries, governors of Morena and officials campaigned, shamelessly violated everything, and nothing happened. They already got the INE. They already know that it only counts votes.

Never, since the existence of the independent electoral body, have the current campaigns been carried out, violations of the rules and regulations been seen. A great pig, with the tolerance of the INE. And that must be written: no more was missing.

And the INE bows down before this president, not now, eh. He did it when he denied registration to the political party of Felipe CalderĂłn, Free Mexico, on a shoddy and last-minute technicality. There is no Free Mexico for fear of the INE to the president.

A president who sang it cleanly, then to the INE, despite the fact that the INE did him the great favor of getting his worst political adversary out of the way: "If they granted him registration, that was the end of the INE." Take it.

It is Mexico today.

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