By December, 500 hotel rooms will be operating in Acapulco

By December, 500 hotel rooms will be operating in Acapulco
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According to Federal Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, In December of this year they will be operating in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, 500 hotel rooms.

Briefly interviewed at the end of the parade for the 113th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, the Secretary of Tourism explained that the number of rooms for the Christmas time It was established after the evaluation meetings that have been held up to this point with the hotel owners and service providers.

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In addition, he pointed out that this week they will meet again with the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the members of the cabinet involved in the reconstruction of the port, as well as hotel businessmen in order to continue promoting the normalization of activities in the destination. tourist affected by the Hurricane Otis almost a month ago.

There is already a commitment of at least 500 rooms for December," the official said.

Regarding the holding of the Acapulco Tourist Tianguis, scheduled for the month of April 2024, Miguel Torruco reiterated that its completion is still on track and hard work will be done so that 3,500 hotel rooms are ready for that date.

We had two meetings, one with the organizing committee of the market to see the progress and the other, with the service providers to see how the evolution of the 3 thousand rooms that we need for the market is going. The flea market will take place, there has been progress, this week we have the follow-up meeting with the president and we will continue working to make it an excellent flea market," the secretary offered.

Torruco Marqués took advantage of the journalists' questions to reveal that last week during the London tourism fair the attendance of 350 high-level operators was ensured at the Acapulco flea market.

Last week I was at the London tourism fair, we already secured the attendance of 350 high-level operators who are the ones who pull the others. It will be a success and we are going to move Acapulco forward," she said at the end of the interview.

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