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The Spanish midfielder Sergio Busquets, who shares a dressing room with Lionel Messi in it MLS Inter Miami, bought by $8.7 million a waterfront mansion in broward countynorth of Miami, a specialized media reported on Monday.

The purchase operation of the mansion located in the luxurious villa of Sea Ranch Lakes was held last Friday, one day before the Inter Miami will win the Leagues Cup Final against Nashville, the first final in the history of the Miami team.

The former Barcelona player paid around $8.7 million by the house of 7,100 square feet (660 square meters), seven bedrooms, six baths, and a three-car garagepicked up The Real Deal (TRD).

It was rumored, according to TRD, that the small populationlocated about 5 miles (8 kilometers) from the Inter Miami stadium in the city Fort Lauderdale (Broward County), andwhere Messi lived, after the Argentine star was seen shopping in a supermarket in Sea Ranch Lakes.

The recently completed house was designed by Renovation7, company that “confirmed the sale, but declined to comment on the buyer,” a sale that “marks a record for the Sea Ranch Lakes community, facing the sea and closed”.

0.3 acre property (1,215 square meters) and some 100 feet (30 meters) facing a lake was on the market with the firm Veroushka Volkert, by Coldwell Banker, by almost 9 million dollars.

Busquets played for him FC Barcelona from 2008 to the beginning of this yearwhen he and Messi joined Inter Miami, the Major League Soccer team owned by the brothers Jorge and Jose Mas, David Beckham and other investors.

Inter Miami won the Leagues Cup final Saturday night against Nashville SC in the penalty shootout.

The Argentine star made his debut less than a month ago with the Florida team and, after seven wins in seven games, guided Inter Miami to the first trophy in its history.

(With information from EFE)

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