Carlos J. Perez Garcia.

TOIt seems that the responses of support for the president were somewhat fast and furious, after the wide and intense reaction against those of us who do not belong to his congregation or depend on it for subsistence. That weekend dominated the rejects his excesses by disqualifying and harassing journalists who have tracked the standard of living of the members of his “austere” family.

And, eye, already on Sunday the fruits of the official operation to counterbalance the catastrophe began to be observed. Social networks had overwhelmed the perpetrator and confirmed that they had become “cursed”, so they opted for the old practice of the deployed… already known but with other traits.

The first was that of the governors of the 4T, 18 in total: 16 from Morena, one from PES and another from Verde. The text is very strange because it fails to specify why they support it and, at the same time, glorifies its “transformation” and pronounces itself in favor of the electrical reform. There is no shortage of obvious falsehoods such as that “no Mexican was left without a hospital bed during the pandemic,” or that “the statesman broke with the old regime and every day consolidates a new economic, social, and ethical model.”

These attempts to counteract the harsh criticism with similar writings that are also signed by legislators, mayors Or until cabinet members who were summoned to compete with their supports. For that of the governors, shortly after, the INE ordered that, since propaganda was prohibited during the electoral ban, the display that Claudia Sheinbaum had coordinated from the CdMx and the leaders had had to accept be withdrawn.

In that of the senators from Morena (53 of 61), his unconditional support to the president who “embodies the nation, the country and the people”, while those of us who do not support him would be “traitors to the country”. These excesses have been highly contested, apart from the fact that some have pointed out that, although their signatures appear there, they were never consulted. Then, with 61 votes, they rejected an investigation of the potential conflict of interest of the famous eldest son.

Amlo has also spoken of attacks by conservatives who want to overthrow him because they are against his transformation: according to what he says, they want the corruption that would have been eradicated to return, as well as impunity. He implies, in short, that with large amounts of money the “bad guys” would be attacking the good guys (them).

And, similarly to the case of the INE, attempts are being made to expose the INAI with requests that are known to be inadmissible, although they have been answered without difficulty in accordance with the Law and the Constitution. Thus, the pressures on this institute outside its legal framework continue.

Look, since we were children we know that a lie leads to more and more lies (to cover or justify the previous ones), and just as a great liar causes many others to emerge (not only by example, but by the blind acceptance of “solidarity” of what what the boss says). Today in Mexico it is okay to lie openly, just as it has happened in the United States with Trump.

This authentic comedy of equivocations is already affecting the popularity of the Beloved Leader, and all this leads him to desperate actions so that the wear and tear does not spread so much from the networks to other areas: censorship in various cases and threats at various levels. Also, in fact, position is radicalized of the government, as confirmed by the deployed or the last mornings… and those who avoid supporting it are easily disqualified.

I do not agree with those who already see him defeated. In reality, that desperation tends to revive the worst facets of him, which lead him to fight with no limits other than his health (physical and mental), as well as a certain dictatorial authoritarianism it is seen as necessary among its faithful and they see it justified by the conditions of neglect or rejection of the path of change that, for the solid leadership among them, would be far superior to any alternative.

The caudillo borders on the insane, but he is convinced and goes against everything. He is enough with the “people”… his and the country pays for it.

It is clear to me, finally, that with these signatures the propaganda and esprit de corps of the 4T are ratified: blind loyalty to the ineffective but powerful president, assures him of support even in personal and family matters, in order to dismiss complaints from citizens or journalists. This, listen, generates tensions and exhaustion, as well as impunity and ungovernability.



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