Bus-truck crash in Canada leaves 15 dead, dozens injured

It was revealed that the truck and bus drivers are alive. AFP PHOTO/JP MOCZULSKI (Photo by JP MOCZULSKI / AFP) (Photo by JP MOCZULSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Photo: JP MOCZULSKI/AFP/Getty Images

At least 15 people died in a "massive casualty collision" that occurred on a highway in Canada and another 10 had been taken to hospitals with injuries.

The accident occurred on the Trans-Canada Highway between a truck and a bus near the town of Carberry in southwestern Manitoba, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

According to authorities, one of the vehicles was used to transport the elderly and people with physical disabilities, while crews mounted one of the largest emergency responses in history in the region.

The bus was struck by the truck as it was crossing the eastbound lanesbut there is no indication whether the unit had the right to leave the lane as the crash is still under investigation, said Superintendent Rob Lasson, the official in charge of RCMP Major Crime Services.

This is a day in Manitoba and across Canada that will be remembered as one of incredible sadness and tragedy.Commanding Officer Rob Hill said at a news conference.

“For all those waiting, I can't imagine how hard it is not knowing if the person you love the most is coming home tonight. I am very sorry that we cannot provide her with the definitive answers that she needs more quickly,” she continued.

Meanwhile, a “code orange” was declared at local hospitals shortly after noon on Thursday, signifying a response to many victims.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted a message about the accident: “The news from Carberry, Manitoba is incredibly tragic. I am sending my deepest condolences to those who lost loved ones today, and I keep those injured in my thoughts. I can't imagine the pain those affected are feeling, but Canadians are here to help them."

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