Burma repatriates more than 700 alleged members of internet scam mafias to China

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Beijing, Oct 10 (EFECOM).- More than 700 Chinese citizens suspected of participating in online scams were repatriated to their country by the authorities of Burma, in a new blow to the mafias that operate from that country, local media reported. .

There are 706 detainees and they were handed over to the Chinese authorities in three groups, which brings the number of repatriates for this type of crimes to 2,317 in recent months, published the official newspaper Global Times.

Among those arrested, handed over to the Public Security Bureau of the province of Yunnan (southern), are 26 people who were wanted by Chinese justice, in what the newspaper describes as a “significant blow” to these cross-border mafias.

In early October, China established a restricted zone in a county bordering northeastern Burma that will be operational until the end of the year to try to stop human trafficking and other crimes perpetrated by "cybercrime" gangs operating from that country.

The authorities will subject all people and vehicles passing through the area, located in Tengchong county, in the southern province of Yunnan, to strict controls and searches.

The Government of Tengchong explained in a statement broadcast on its social networks that the objective is to prevent people without justified reason from accessing the area and reduce the possibilities of illegally crossing the border to organize or participate in fraud through the internet from Burma.

According to authorities, the gangs lure deceived Chinese citizens to that country and force them to work in gangs dedicated to lucrative telephone or online scams that also primarily target Chinese people.

The Chinese Government has asked the Burmese government to take measures to stop these mafias and last August it agreed with Thailand and Laos to create a cooperation mechanism to end the problem.

In addition to China, various organizations have warned in recent months about the sale of Southeast Asian workers into slavery to centers operated by Chinese citizens in Cambodia and Burma. EFECOM


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