Bundesliga: Yann Sommer will arrive at Bayern Munich to cover Neuer's loss

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The Bayern Munichof the bundesliga German, has managed to close the signing of the goalkeeper Yann Sommeruntil now player of the Borussia Monchengladbachwhich is already on its way to the Bavarian capital, according to Swiss and German reports.

summer was the main candidate to occupy the three sticks after the low of Manuel Neuerwho has an injury that will keep him away from the courts for the remainder of the season.

According to the magazine kicker and the swiss newspaper click the transfer costs Bayern eight million fixed euros and one million in variables.

The Swiss international had contract with Gladbach until the end of this seasonbut had they not reached an agreement, the team would have had to let him go without receiving any fee.

Right now, both clubs and the player are reaching the final transfer detailsafter announcing on their social networks that summer He has not been part of the last training sessionsand that they are in order to sign the also Swiss jonas omlinof Montpellier from Ligue 1 in France.

The bayern He had failed to win the last four matches with Borussia where the now Munich goalkeeper had been a key player.

summer will arrive at Bayern most likely with headline for what remains of the campaignoutperforming the alternative in sven ullreichand in the next campaign the position must be disputed with Neuera constellation that promises tensions and controversy because neither he nor Sommer are used to substitution.

(With information from EFE)

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