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The Bulgarian Parliament elected Nikolai Denkov as the new prime minister of the European country on Tuesday after the main coalitions reached an agreement on the formation of the Government.


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According to national media, 132 legislators voted in favor of Denkov compared to 69 who rejected it. Based on this, the proposal of the Let's Continue the Change (PP) party was able to reach an absolute majority during the session in which no abstentions were reported.

The new administration will have the leader of the Citizens for European Development Bank (GERB), Mariya Gabriel, as deputy prime minister, who, according to the agreement reached, will rotate the direction of the Executive with Denkov every nine months.

However, according to the formula that allowed progress in the midst of a context tinged with political stagnation, the rest of the members of the new cabinet proposed by the current premier will not rotate.

The head of the Executive declared to international media after his inauguration that the Government "will do everything necessary" to achieve the country's entry into the Schengen area of ​​free movement.

In this sense, Denkov pointed out that in order to achieve this objective, "low-deficit budgets and guaranteed social spending, the fight against inflation, as well as an active campaign against misinformation about the adoption of the euro" are essential.

Anti-corruption policies and the foreign vision regarding the conflict in Ukraine marked the differences between liberals and conservatives, who finally managed to put an end to three months of power vacuum in what is considered the poorest country in the European Union.

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