Bulgarian Parliament approves motion of censure against the Government | News


The Bulgarian National Assembly on Wednesday approved a motion of censure against the current government chaired by Kiril Petkov, for which the Balkan country faces possible new elections, the fourth in less than 18 months.


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In this sense, the proposal presented by the conservative populist opposition achieved the approval of 123 members of Parliament out of a total of 240 seats in the legislature.

It is worth pointing out that among the coalitions that approved the motion is the anti-system populist party There is Such a People (ITN), led by Slavi Trifonov, who decided on June 8 to withdraw his four government ministers, after accusing Petkov of allegedly embezzlement of public funds.

“It was an honor for me to be part of a government that was overthrown, this vote is just a small step in a long journey, I promise that we will continue to recover our State and that one day we will have a successful European State, without behind-the-scenes dealings or mafia” , declared Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, winner of last November’s elections, at the head of the We Continue Change (PP) party, led a coalition with the socialists, heirs to the communist party, and the Euro-Atlantic-oriented protest formation, Democratic Bulgaria.

After the fall of the Executive, the Bulgarian president, Rumen Radev, will have to guide the constitution of a new Government to the party We Continue the Change, with a period of seven days to find a parliamentary majority.

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