Building Salvadoran Identity Bonds in Virginia

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New winds of enthusiasm, commitment and work are blowing at the General Consulate of El Salvador in Woodbridge, Virginia, with the leadership of Consul Guillermo Olivo, and the energy of the staff, who in a harmonious echo carry out their work with enthusiasm, capacity and above all They provide a humane treatment with a lot of empathy with the compatriot users.

Extraordinary activities are scheduled every week, in addition to providing the service at the central offices. One of these tasks is the development of the "Uniting the Community Program", which is a mechanism through which the Consulate contacts some compatriots who live in distant counties or even in neighboring States where they lack consular service. And once they find volunteers, they are advised to organize themselves and thus be able to create communication bridges to meet the specific needs of the community together.

With these efforts to coordinate with the organized community, great advances have been made, for example: Mobile Consulates on Saturdays, through which official services are carried out so that Salvadorans can obtain a Passport, DUI, etc., without having to commute. In addition, they have been implementing the "Express Window" which consists of providing care in a supermarket, beauty parlor or store available in distant cities, recently in Alexandria and before in Richmond.

This week began with the celebration of the "National Day of the Pupusa" and the users were pleasantly surprised to be part of an official act that was celebrated with the formalities of the case, but with joy and charm to please on the part of the staff, who distributed dishes with two pupusas and curtido. These types of activities help promote Salvadoran identity and are carried out with the sponsorship of businessmen, as in this case of the pupusas, by compatriot Martín Cruz, a resident of Manassas.

For the "Day of the Salvadoran abroad" there will be several celebrations, one of them on November 22, where 11-year-old children, children of Salvadorans, will be designated as Consuls for a day and will be presented with a Certificate-Passport to symbolize the Salvadoran identity in the generations of Salvadorans born in the US Also, with Salvadoran business sponsorship, an educational gift will be given to each boy or girl.

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