Builders Uncover Jewish World War II Treasure In Poland Yard

Its Jewish owners hid in the ground during World War II.

Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images

About 400 items believed to have been hidden in the ground by their Jewish owners during World War II were accidentally discovered during home renovation work in a courtyard in Lodz, in central Poland.

According to local media, history experts say the items found include Hanukkah menorahs and items used in daily life.

According to testimonials, perfume bottles and cigarette holders were also found in the hoard, located about 28 inches underground.

Some of the items were found wrapped in newspapers in Polish, Yiddish and German, dating to around October 1939, Israel's Ynet news site said.

Gazecie Wyborczej, an archaeologist from Lodz, said the items appeared to have been hastily buried. It is believed that the site of the building used to be a synagogue.

The items are mostly silver tableware, menorahs, and glass cosmetic containers., according to the regional office for the preservation of historical objects. The bureau's experts said last week that the objects will be handed over to the city's archeology museum.

“The discovery is remarkable, especially the amount,” said Agnieszka Kowalewska-Wójcik, head of the Lodz Municipal Investment board. “These are extremely valuable historical items that testify to the history of the inhabitants of this building,” she told Polish media.

After restoration and cleaning, the items found in the treasure will be delivered to the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography in Lodzwhere investigators will attempt to determine the identity of the item's owner.

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