Buckingham Palace will adapt the size of the crown for King Charles III

St Edward’s Crownwith which King Charles III of the United Kingdom will be officially invested in a ceremony on May 6, has been removed from its usual location in the Tower of London in order to adapt it to a suitable size for the new monarch, announced this Buckingham Palace Saturday.

The historic piece, of incalculable value, It was made for the coronation of Carlos IIin 1661, after the foundry twelve years before of the jewel that had been worn by the English and British kings for centuries.

The iconic crown of Saint Edward, adorned with sapphires, tourmalines, amethysts, topazes and other precious stones and semiprecious, it appears on the national coat of arms of the United Kingdom, the logo of the former state postal company Royal Mail and the shields of the Armed Forces, among other representative spaces.

After the death of Elizabeth II at the age of 96 last September, the various crowns symbol of his reign will pass to his son and should be enlarged to fit your size.

For it, it will be necessary to increase its circumference and add some precious stones, the opposite process to that carried out when the previous sovereign ascended the throne, as described by British media.

The coronation of Charles III, a ceremony officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, will take place in London’s Westminster Abbey eight months after the death of Elizabeth II. (EFE)