Brugada calls to tear down the east and west walls that divide CDMX

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In Mexico City It is time to tear down the walls that divide the east from the west, in social and economic achieve a unified city, stated Clara Brugada Molina, when leading an information assembly in Parque Hundido, near the Azcapotzalco Mayor's Office facilities.

“We want a unified City, of rights and freedoms” said Brugada Molina, amidst screams as “We want Utopias and not police” and “coordinator, coordinator” with whom she was supported, by hundreds of inhabitants of Azcapotzalco, as well as by local and federal deputies from Morena, and representatives of civil organizations.

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The candidate to coordinate the Transformation Defense Committees in Mexico City, for Morena, He stated that in his party “these are times of definitions.”

“In about 20 days the survey will be carried out to see who should head the defense committees”she said, assuring that she is the best option because she represents “a large number of Morena founders.”

“Since before democracy existed, we were already fighting for the city”he stated, to which the attendees responded “coordinator, coordinator.”

Clara Brugada expressed that she not only represents herself; “Today I have the responsibility of representing the statutes of the Transformation Movement, of representing the dreams and utopias”

When highlighting the advances in CDMX in terms of gender, mobility, security, education, and social well-being, left by Claudia Sheinbaum, Brugada stated that “will give continuity to the path outlined” by the former head of government.

“We have the responsibility to make Mexico City a feminist city. "The time has come to do justice to women, and that is one of our great projects."

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Clara Brugada He announced that, after the Morena survey, by which the person who will coordinate the Transformation Defense Committees will be chosen, towards the 2024 election, will return to Azcapotzalco to promote his projectin order to stop the advance of the opposition.

The right “they have no space in the City and they will not pass,” he claimed.

In addition, he indicated that he will return to rescue Azcapotzalco, to which the attendees responded "Nancy, Nancy", in reference to the local representative Nancy Núñez, present at the event.

At the time, Nancy Núñez called to support Brugada Molina, because “she represents the statutes of Morena” and 40 years of struggle on the left support itadded, he said, to the achievements in Iztapalapawith programs like Utopias, which have replicated local state governments even in other countries, he said.

Also present were federal deputies such as Lidia Bárcenas, and local deputies, including Valeria Cruz, as well as representatives of civil organizations such as Red Cultural, Colectivo 4T, Funo and the Azcapotzalco Women's Association, and the mayor of Gustavo A. Madero, Francisco Chíguil.

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