Broward County students may only use transparent backpacks to attend classes

Teaching staff and educational assistants are not obliged to respect the transparency regulations.


In order to prevent violent incidents involving firearms, Broward County School Board, located in the state of Florida, determined that students will only be able to access schools if they carry transparent backpacks and purses.

The regulations are expected to enter into force on August 21, the first day of the 2023-2024 school year.

Through an official statement it is emphasized that The new measure is to have complete visibility of the items with which students enter educational campuses from Kindergarten to grade 12, because in recent years the presence of firearms and sharps have raised the rate of criminal acts even within the classroom.

"By enforcing this requirement, our goal is to prevent potential security issues and foster a safe learning environment," the letter states.

So far, the document mentions that Only small non-transparent bags whose content is related to personal hygiene items may be introduced.

In addition, Access to schools with thermal food containers will also be allowed without having to be transparent, the same case applies to cases where musical instruments or athletic equipment are transported. However, for these last two exceptions to the transparency rule, prior approval from the teachers is required.

In this regard, Earlean Smile, interim superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, praised the measure taken to curb violence.

“This added layer of security is a game changer. It will allow security personnel to quickly detect and report if someone has brought a prohibited item to school and it will also help deter misconduct,” he said.

With respect to teaching staff and educational assistants, they are not required to comply with the requirement.

The new school regulations derive from the shootings that have shaken the country inside some schools where discipline was relaxed with tragic results.

The striking thing about this measure is that it will apply to more than 256,000 students, since Broward County is considered the sixth largest in the country and the second in Florida, as far as the public school system is concerned.

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