Brothel Exploring the abandoned brothel near the Nazca lines: A look at the business that thrived before the year 2000

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The brothel is located near the Nazca lines, and the sex workers seemed to know the relevance of this cultural legacy. (Capture Just Say It)

In the middle of the dust and infertile lands, there is a white-painted house that at one time housed men who, dominated by their most primitive impulses, desires or instincts, came to the place in search of company or pleasure. From a distance, it might seem that this land is inhabited by people who chose to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to take refuge between the grayish walls; However, reality is different.

If a person ventures to explore the abandoned house, they will be able to notice some details of the place that corroborate that it is a brothel. Yes, a brothel, a word that can still make those who hear it blush.

Getting into the subject, the brothel located near the Nazca lines It reached its peak before the year 2000. However, as happens with any company, there came a period of decline that the owners of the establishment were unable to overcome, which finally led to the closure of its doors. This fact generated joy in some and sadness in others.

Facade of the 'Casa Venus' brothel. (Capture Just Say It)
Facade of the 'Casa Venus' brothel. (Capture Just Say It)

Inside this nightclub, whose facade still maintains a smooth surface, more than one client received attention from the sex workers under a dim light that did not allow them to clearly see the features of those who participated in the amatory acts, devoid of genuine feeling. . Outside the premises, darkness enveloped the visitors, who walked guided by a light that would have been red, a symbol or sign that indicated the presence of a brothel or place of prostitution.

The brothel, located a few kilometers from the Nazca lines, was explored by YouTuber Juanma, who shared a video of his foray into this abandoned house through his YouTube channel, Dilo Nomas. In the first minutes of the audiovisual material, you can see the façade of the brothelwhich despite the years, remains standing.

The first thing that caught the attention of Juanma and her adventure partner, Luis, was the boarded-up door of the brothel and painted pink. On the front, you could also see a sign with some imperceptible fragments of the word 'Virgo', part of the name of the brothel. Attached to it was a deteriorated fluorescent casing.

From several meters away, the house appears to be inhabited. (Capture Just Say It)
From several meters away, the house appears to be inhabited. (Capture Just Say It)

Juanma spoke with a frequent visitor to the brothel in order to discover part of the story that has not yet been fully revealed. According to what her informant told her, a woman they called 'La Mami' managed the nightclub.

Another detail that draws powerful attention in the place is a small hole that was on the side of the main door. At first glance, someone might think that it was a space where tickets were sold. However, this conjecture was dismissed after the YouTuber shared what his source had told him.

“Our friend explained to us that this was not the case, that in the hole there was a small rope, which was used for the visitor to pull so that a bell would ring to announce his arrival; Then they opened the door and he could enter. The person who opened the door was the one they knew as 'La Mami,'” he said.

The brothel is built from adobe. (Capture Just Say It)
The brothel is built from adobe. (Capture Just Say It)

While watching the video, several questions came to mind. One of them referred to the origin of the people who attended this brothel. This doubt was cleared up after listening to Juanma's story.

“(My friend) also told us that Nazca is an area of ​​mining exploitation and that many of the informal miners, not all, decided to invest or spend their money to come here,” said the YouTuber.

On the other hand, an Internet user commented that since the Nazca Plaza de Armas, taxi drivers offered bus services, both to and fro. After reaching their destinations, the subjects had to walk along a long stretch of dirt road to reach the brothel, which was located in the middle of nowhere and in the absence of the State.

According to Internet users, the men took a collective taxi in the Plaza de Armas of Nazca heading to the brothel. (Capture Just Say It)
According to Internet users, the men took a collective taxi in the Plaza de Armas of Nazca heading to the brothel. (Capture Just Say It)

It is known that the best advertising was word of mouth; However, on the ridge of a hill you could see the name of the brothel: 'Virgo House'. “There are some strange, suggestive drawings there, perhaps trying to be somewhat sensual and attractive. This announcement made with stones, in a way, was enough for people who knew the place or those who had received a reference to reach this place, the 'Virgo House,'" said the YouTuber.

Let's continue exploring the house. The entire brothel is built of adobe, and along the edge of the walls you can see shards of glass embedded in the concrete. This practice was carried out with the purpose of preventing unscrupulous people from climbing the wall and invading private property, given that there was no presence of the Peruvian National Police in the area.

After the video was broadcast, more than one Internet user has wondered why the business went bankrupt. Among the possible hypotheses is the idea that the brothel in question did not offer shows, as revealed by the person who provided information to Juanma.

Door blocked by concrete. (Capture Just Say It)
Door blocked by concrete. (Capture Just Say It)

Before the YouTubers visited the abandoned brothel to film, they had some notions of what the place was like, both outside and inside, since a person who had attended as a client spoke with them. Upon arrival, they were able to confirm that the rooms had mattresses without springs, completely filled with straw.

In another area, the explorers were able to see a small, dismantled bar where people drank liquor before engaging in sexual acts. Juanma also mentioned that her friend told her that the rooms did not have doors; instead, there were curtains through which the 'sounds of pleasure' and some words from the sex workers, among whom there were adults.

While they were exploring the area, a whistle alerted the YouTubers, who had to stop recording. Minutes later, a woman over 50 years old approached them to tell them that the house is private property and that they could not record the area. “It is simply private and there is no income for anyone. "Ready!" said the woman who was wearing a whole dress. As they headed towards the road, the woman commented to the youths that some individuals had stolen the doors and that he feared that they would take his belongings, which were inside the property.

The YouTubers thought that the supposed owner of the land would have the keys to this door. (Capture Just Say It)
The YouTubers thought that the supposed owner of the land would have the keys to this door. (Capture Just Say It)

After receiving a flat refusal from the woman, the young people tried to negotiate with her without obtaining a positive response. “A fee, reaching an agreement to pay an entry fee, perhaps to obtain facilities. Since she was the owner, she possibly had the key to the small door through which we could have entered. Obviously, she told us that she wasn't interested in (the proposal). She did not speak out or make any comments about it,” Luis narrated.

Luis mentioned that they tried to inform the woman about the purpose of their visit, but they were unable to convince her. Finally, they were asked to leave. According to him, the supposed owner of the property seemed a little upset.

After the lady's refusal, he walked towards a young man who was wearing cream pants, a white polo shirt and a white cap, and was carefully observing the movements of the explorers.

The abandoned brothel is located near the Nazca lines, and the sex workers who were there seemed to know the relevance of this cultural legacy, since the informant who spoke with Juanma told them that the women used to offer the parishioners the pose of the scorpion, the monkey and the heron”, referring to the mysterious geoglyphs.

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