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Social organizations and unions from the United Kingdom marched this Saturday and will do so throughout the weekend through the main cities of the country to protest the increase in energy prices and the high cost of living.


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Multiple demonstrations are planned in London, Brighton, Plymouth, Aberdeen, Birmingham and Bradford, among others, associated with strikes by railway workers and postal workers.

In addition to the current campaign "Don't pay UK", the Enough is Enough movement is added to demand the new conservative government of Liz Truss to take immediate action to face the crisis.

The convening organizations demand a general salary increase to face inflation, free meals at all levels of education, improvements in domestic heating systems and more taxes for companies and wealthy individuals.

The new wave of mobilizations coincides with the beginning of the measure to cap the price of energy for households, which despite this rose an average of 1,971 pounds (2,200 dollars), up to 2,500 pounds (2,790 dollars).

Some activists announced on social media that they would burn their energy bills during the protests, and some 200,000 families threatened not to pay the bill until the government took action to protect the most vulnerable.

“Taxes for the rich” and “Freeze prices, not people”, are some of the banners that could be read among the protesters who headed this Saturday towards Westminster Abbey, in central London.

UK inflation is at an all-time high, sterling is at an all-time low and anxiety is mounting as winter approaches, analysts insist.

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