British legislature investigates Boris Johnson’s Partygate | News


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to face a House of Commons inquiry into whether he lied to parliament, after Downing Street withdrew an amendment aimed at forcing Conservative MPs to delay the new Partygate investigation.


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Johnson was called on by two other Conservative MPs to resign from the House of Commons, including influential Brexiter Steve Baker: “The prime minister should now be gone a long time ago,” the former minister said. “Really, the prime minister should know that the concert is ready.”

For his part, the chairman of the House of Commons constitutional affairs committee, William Wragg, said he had written a letter of censure to the prime minister and would have rebelled if the government had not changed course.

In turn, Bob Neill, who chairs the justice committee, stopped short of asking Johnson to leave, but said he had planned to abstain on the Labor motion calling for an investigation by the privileges committee.

Johnson, who is on a business visit to India, had instructed allies in parliament to withdraw the amendment after worrying about allegations of a cover-up.

“The Prime Minister has always made it clear that he is happy to take on any query Parliament sees fit and is happy for the House to decide how it wishes to proceed today and therefore will not flog Conservative MPs,” they said from Downig Street. .

On Wednesday, Conservative MPs had scrambled to find a way to block or delay the privileges committee investigation. Even among MPs there was a palpable concern that MPs should be forced to block an investigation into the prime minister, who received a fixed fine notice from police last week.

Other MPs have said that “if MPs do not launch an investigation when the Prime Minister broke a law that he repeatedly told us he had not broken, it is not just their own credibility that is damaged, but the credibility of Parliament itself, the foundations on which which democratic governance is built”.

Jhonson is investigated for having participated in parties at the executive’s headquarters in the period of confinement in the spring of 2020 and for having lied about it.

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