British fighters intercepted 21 Russian planes near NATO airspace

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Fighter fighters of the United Kingdom Air Force (RAF) intercepted 21 Russian planes near NATO airspace in the last 21 days, the British Ministry of Defense reported on Sunday.

In a statement, that portfolio details that the RAF Typhoon model combat fighters that provide Rapid Reaction Alerts in the framework of the NATO Baltic airspace monitoring mission in Estonia "They were deployed to respond to Russian aircraft on 21 occasions."

British fighters carried operating at the Amari base (Estonia) since last March, as part of this country's contribution to the North Atlantic Alliance.

Work in the Baltic airspace are currently run by the RAF, based in Estonia, along with the Portuguese and Romanian air forces, based in Lithuania.

The last three weeks have been "particularly busy and have resulted in the interception by the RAF of 21 Russian planes in 21 days”, reveals the Defense note, which recalls that British fighters monitor Russian aircraft when they do not communicate with air traffic agencies.

“These interceptions are a stark reminder of the value of collective defense and deterrence provided by NATO." British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said in the statement.

The minister pointed out that the British Air Force has operated together with its allies "for the last three weeks to ensure that both member states and allied nations They are protected."

“You can be assured of our continued commitment to strengthen European security together with those who share our values,” added Wallace.

That NATO mission was established in 2014 at the Amari base (Estonia) and at the Siauliai Base (Lithuania) after the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia.

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