British court rules in favor of the deportation of migrants | News


British courts on Monday rejected the appeal filed by human rights activists seeking to prevent the deportation of Rwandan migrants, who arrived in the country illegally, according to authorities.


Some 230 migrants cross the English Channel into the UK

Judge Rabinder Singh, of the United Kingdom Court of Appeal, said that he could not interfere with the previous decision, made last Friday, in favor of returning the group of migrants.

The first 11 people who arrived in British territory to apply for political asylum will be deported this Tuesday. However, the authorities pointed out that asylum claims will be analyzed.

For his part, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the court decision is important to stop the arrival of irregular migrants, who risk their lives in makeshift boats.

Johnson said: “What we are trying to do is stop the business model of criminal gangs that take advantage of people by taking them across the English Channel in unsafe boats, risking their lives.”

However, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, considered that the decision, which he described as inhumane and dangerous, does not resolve the complex situation.

At the same time, the UN office believes that the British government’s measure ignores Rwanda’s real possibilities to process asylum applications. In addition, he stated: “The precedent that this creates is catastrophic.”

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