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Ambulance workers in the United Kingdom carry out a strike on Monday to demand wage increases to face the growing inflation that affects the British economy in the context of a wave of strikes in different labor sectors in the island country, particularly in public health.


Health workers go on strike in the UK

The general secretary of the largest English union Unison, Christina McAnea, pointed out that “the solution to the growing crisis in the national health system is looking the government in the face. It's simple. All the chancellor has to do is find the money to pay health workers fairly.”

Health workers are demanding that Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, provide additional Treasury funds to Health Secretary Steve Barclay, after an increase of 1,400 euros.

“It is strange that it is the chancellor blocking progress. Jeremy Hunt knows the NHS better than anyone in the cabinet. As health secretary, he negotiated the wage agreement to end the 2015 strike,” McAnea stated.

In this sense, the leader stressed that “as chancellor, he has chosen to forget all that. He must come out of hiding from him and unlock the funds to end the strikes”.

From this, the members of Unison execute a strike in five ambulance services in England and two hospitals in Liverpool, meanwhile, those of Unite undertake the force measure in Wales, West Midlands, East Midlands, North West and North East.

Accordingly, around 15,000 paramedics belonging to Unison, including call managers, have been on strike since 07:00 (local time) due to the lack of dialogue from the British authorities.

For his part, the executive director of the Association of Chief Ambulance Executives, Martin Flaherty, called for negotiations to resolve "industrial action that has proven to be adding significant additional and unnecessary pressure to an urgent problem."

In a context of serious crisis due to the increase in the cost of living, with inflation reaching 10.5% in December, the United Kingdom has seen strikes multiply for months in many sectors.

After two days of historic strike in December and another two in January, thousands of nurses plan to go back on strike on February 6 and 7 in England.

The British public health system, or NHS, is in deep crisis after years of underfunding under successive Conservative governments.

Rishi Sunak's conservative government accuses the strikers of endangering patients and wants to introduce minimal services in some areas.

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