'Brickyards are also crematoriums', denounce searchers

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Some brickyards in the municipality such as Teocaltiche They are used to dispose of bodies by organized crime groups, as stated by groups searching for missing persons.

This situation began two years ago: “The issue of brick factories began two years ago and there is a contextual analysis of it Prosecutor's Office in Teocaltiche, Jalisco, where they even state that it is very dangerous for tourists and for people passing through the road due to the issue of disappearances and the violence that prevails in that area. The intense activity of the cartels lends itself to this activity and due to the number of brickyards it lends itself to disposing of the bodies,” said Héctor Flores, co-founder of the Luz de Esperanza Collective.

The co-founder of the collective pointed out that the brickyards lend themselves to being clandestine crematoria: “Given the intense heat and the degrees that these ovens reach, even the smell that can be camouflaged, because these ovens work with garbage and therefore lends itself to disappearance of the remains.”

In one of the brickyards in the Los Altos area, human remains and some machetes and knives were found. Photo: Special

This type of oven has even been replicated in crime camps.

Furthermore, we had information that in the same camps, both in Tala and the one in the Altos de Jalisco, they also use ovens similar to those in the brickyards to burn them and make the bodies of their victims disappear.”


Although this information is known to the groups and authorities, it is difficult to intervene in the brickyards, given that it requires someone to point them out and also a search warrant, a situation that no one dares due to the risk involved.

Searches are needed, for a person to point them out; The issue is very difficult and delicate, so we only have information from the complaints made by the victims themselves within the groups, but they do not specify exactly which one and from the contextual analyzes of the same authority and even the testimonies of people who have been released and who have been in those places.”

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Even the groups cannot search for people in the municipalities of Teocaltiche and Encarnación de Díaz and others, since not even the authority can guarantee the safety of its own elements.

"The state itself cannot guarantee the security of its own elements, so we cannot go to certain municipalities such as Teocaltiche, Encarnación de Díaz, because security cannot be guaranteed, as long as it is not guaranteed we cannot intervene in those places," he endorsed.

It should be remembered that during the operations carried out in the search for five missing young people in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, on August 11, a brickyard was discovered that was used to dispose of the bodies of the victims, where human remains were located, which, according to the authorities, could be from the missing young people.


An armed group attacked elements of the Civil Guard (state police) While patrolling on Saturday night, one member of the group died during the attack, while another police officer was injured.

According to information confirmed by the authorities, the attackers shot at the uniformed officers, who repelled the attack and also requested support from state and federal forces.

Elements of the National Guard, Sedena, municipal police, paramedics as well as the State Attorney General's Office arrived at the scene, where they assisted the police Marlene V., and confirmed the death of the civil guard Armando Guzmán.

There is a search operation in the area to find those responsible.

-Miguel Garcia

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