Brazilians demand that Cuba be removed from the list of terrorist countries | News

Brazilians demand that Cuba be removed from the list of
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Young people from the Levante Popular da Juventude movement (Popular Youth Uprising) organized a demonstration this Monday morning in front of the United States consulate in Rio de Janeiro, whose objective was to request the withdrawal of Cuba from the list of States sponsoring terrorism.


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"For decades, the United States government has adopted a hostile policy, seeking to isolate the Cuban people through various sanctions. In the midst of the pandemic, in 2021, the Trump administration reinforced the blockade with 243 new sanctions and once again included Cuba in the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism".

"The decision to include or exclude a State from the list of State sponsors of terrorism rests exclusively with the President of the United States and may be made at any time."

"For this reason, with the audacity of youth, Levante occupies the US Consulate for its commitment to the internationalist struggle, to the struggle of the Latin American people against the tentacles of imperialism and to the legacy of the Cuban revolution," the movement argues. in a statement published on the social network Facebook.

For the youth activist and vice president of the National Union of Students (UNE), Daiane Araújo, Cuba is "a victim of an illegal embargo and is only on the list of countries that support terrorism because the United States is against the self-determination of the villages".

"Cuba is an example of strength, humanism and solidarity throughout the world, defender of the sovereignty of peoples around the world and social justice."

At the protest, the protesters carried small funeral boxes where the name of each of the countries in which the United States has intervened was read.

Last Saturday, during the G77+China summit in Havana, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva reproached the sanctions imposed by the United States on Cuba, in the largest event of countries from the Global South within the United Nations. United Nations (UN).

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