Brazilian judge orders the blocking of Telegram throughout the country | News


A magistrate of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil (STF), ordered on Friday the blocking of the Telegram messaging service throughout the country.


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The order of Judge Alexandre de Moraes responds to a request from the Federal Police by the
Non-compliance by those responsible for Telegram with numerous subpoenas in processes that investigate the mass dissemination of false news in the South American country.

“The Telegram application is notoriously known for its position of not cooperating with judicial and police authorities of various countries” and comes to use that “attitude” as an “advantage in relation to other communication systems”, explained the magistrate when justifying the precautionary measure against the messaging application.

Alexandre de Moraes added that Telegram’s refusal to collaborate with the judicial authorities allows it to operate in a field for the proliferation of various contents, even with repercussions in the criminal area.

In recent months, Telegram has become the main messaging medium used by President Jair Bolsonaro, and far-right groups that support him, who began to migrate to that service after much of its content was blocked on other platforms by your offensive messages.

Upon learning of the ruling of the STF magistrate, Brazilian media indicated that the founder of Telegram, the Russian Pavel Durov, apologized to the STF and explained that the block determined by one of his judges was due to a communication problem.

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