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The Government of Brazil announced this Friday a package of emergency measures to assist farmers in the regions most affected by the drought, for an amount equivalent to almost 83 million dollars.


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This was announced by a delegation of ministers from the Government of President Luis Inázio Lula da Silva, who was in Rio Grande do Sul, this Thursday, to learn about the drought situation in the state.

The delegation was integrated, among others, by the ministers of Agrarian Development, Paulo Teixeira; of Social Development, Wellington Dias and the Secretary of Communication of the Presidency, Paulo Pimenta.

In the context of the visit, a diagnosis of the serious situation in the region was presented, ranging from dry pastures and production shortages to lack of water for human consumption and debts with banks.

As a result, more than 300 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul have already declared a state of emergency.

Of the almost 83 million dollars, almost 60 million dollars are for long-term loans. A second installment of the installation credit will be created, in the value of a little more than the equivalent of 11,000 dollars, to serve 10,000 settled families, with a return between 90 and 95 percent.

A Rural Productive Microcredit will also be established to reach up to 40,000 most vulnerable family farmers, who will receive the equivalent of almost US$1,000.

Food will be distributed to the most vulnerable families in the municipalities in emergency situations, for the purchase of basic food baskets, and the hiring and maintenance of tanker trucks for the water supply.

For the leader of the Movement of Small Farmers (MPA/RS), Adilson Schuch, the sequence of dry seasons in the state mainly punishes small farmers, settlements and quilombola areas.

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