Brazil puts an end to the golden dream of the Tri Sub 23 in the Pan American Games

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The Mexican Under 23 team saw its dream of going for the gold medal cut short after fall 1-0 against their counterpart from Brazil in the semifinal of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games and now he will look for the bronze versus USA.

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Just two minutes into the game, The score that ended up defining the game came, when Marquinhos escaped down the right side and sent a low center that Mexican goalkeeper Fernando Tapia could not containcausing The ball will bounce off the defender Antonio Leone and end up in the back of the goalin an own goal that translated into the final 1-0.

He Tricolor team did not lower their arms and even took control of the ballcoming close to tying 21 minutes into the game, when Ettson Ayón took a powerful shot on goalsame as fIt was contained by goalkeeper Mycael Pontesthus avoiding the fall of his goal.

Just before the break, Mexico again touched the tiewhen Rafael Fernández found himself with a recent ball in the small areabut His shot with his thigh ended up hitting the crossbar and leaving the field.

Already in the complementary part, A great individual play by Fidel Ambriz culminated in a combination with Raymundo Fulgencio which, in turn, assisted Jordan Carrillo who arrived from the front to hit the ball, but the shot went right to the location of the Brazilian goalkeeper who rejected the ball with his right hand.

When it seemed that there would be no greater emotions, In the final minutes of the duel, Rafael Fernández appeared again with a very placed headerHowever, again goalkeeper Mycael Pontes dived to prevent scoring and thus seal the Brazilian victory.

With this result, Mexico will have to settle for fighting for bronze against the United States; while Brazil qualified for the final, where it will seek to win the gold medal against Chilethe host team of the Pan American Games.


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