Brazil is back

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In recent decades, China has been the country most skilled in presenting itself to developing countries as the alternative to the interests of the West, particularly Washington and multilateral institutions. To achieve this, Beijing launched initiatives such as the “Belt and Road” and its state banks financed with credits countries that the IMF or the World Bank had evicted or forced into unpopular adjustment policies.

That has given China an aura among the elites of Africa and South America. But the current setbacks in the Chinese economy (enormous debt, especially in real estate), and the limited flexibility of its banks to renegotiate debts with these countries, have opened a window to the visibility of a dozen medium powers that want gain prominence in the cold war scenario that the Ukrainian conflict has opened.

The Brazilian has warned of a possible coup d'état in Guatemala against the winning candidate

India has been the one who has made the best use of the opportunity. Courted by the West, which sees it as Beijing's rival, India has demonstrated in the last G-20 meeting its ability to create consensus and has materialized the entry of the African Union into that forum. The recent silence of Xi Jinping, who has not gone to the G-20 or the UN - perhaps because he does not like to lose prominence - allows India to sell itself as a bridge between the Global South that he wants to lead and the West.

In this UN general assembly it has been Brazil that has stood out. The South American power is an old and active member of this organization. It was the Brazilian Bertha Lutz, who put the most emphasis at the 1945 conference so that women's rights would be included in the United Nations Charter.

In his speech Lula da Silva warned of the danger that the winning candidate in the last elections in Guatemala, the academic Bernardo Arévalo, will not be able to take office due to pressure from the oligarchy that has dominated that country for decades.

Lula wants to highlight the idea of ​​“Brazil is back” after years of Bolsonaro isolation. But to do so she will have to control her talkativeness about the war in Ukraine, for which she asks for dialogue. Lula has invited Vladimir Putin to the Rio 2024 meeting, despite the ICC arrest warrant. He later qualified such a controversial statement. But he has not hidden his sympathies towards the Russian.

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