Brazil beats Bolivia 1-0 at the start of its path to the World Cup with interim coach

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They face each other for the second day in Belem

The first date of these South American Qualifiers that will mark the region's qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup in Canada, Mexico and the United States closes in the Para Olympic Stadium from the Brazilian city of Belém: the local Brazil receives Bolivia.

The coach's offensive proposal Fernando Diniz was in sight with Raphinha, Neymar, Rodrygo and Richarlison positioned in the last meters against a rival withdrawn in the background with few incursions into foreign land. After isolated approaches, the clearest arrived at 16 minutes with a missed penalty at the feet of ney. The brand new reinforcement of Al-Hilal fired a weak shot contained by Guillermo Viscarra. Eight later, a succession of touches awarded the first goal of the match to the Canarinha. Rodrygo He capitalized on a bad rejection to unblock a tough start by pushing the ball against the fence.

What followed the celebration was an absolute ordeal. With the 10 field players on Bolivian soil, the Yellowgreen put pressure to widen the difference and, little by little, they transformed into a figure Viscarrawho had phenomenal covers against richarlison and his own Neymarthe latter having left four adversaries by the way.

It should be remembered that this team's main absence is the attacker of the real Madrid, Vinicius Jr. After being initially summoned, a muscle problem He was marginalized from his debut in the Qualifiers. In his replacement, Barcelona winger from Spain, Raphinha, took his place. Besides, Gabriel Jesus replaced on the payroll Anthonywho was left out after being reported for gender violence by his ex-partner.

On the other hand, Alisson (Liverpool) and Ederson (Manchester City), Marquinhos (PSG), Casemiro (Manchester United), Richarlison (Tottenham) and the new star of Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia, Neymar Jr., were the most conveners on the announced list.

Diniz He is in charge of the national team in these first steps towards the 2026 World Cup, but from the highest body of Brazilian football he has already They clarified that it will be a one-year contract to command the interim. The rumors are clear: Carlo Ancelotti should take command of the Yellowgreen after ending his relationship with Real Madrid in mid-2024. The detail is that Diniz, meanwhile, remains on the substitute bench of the fluminense who will face Inter de Porto Alegre at the end of September for the Copa Libertadores.

On the other side there is a team that arrives in a total crisis of its local football and that tries under the command of the Argentine Gustavo Costas abstract from that chaotic context. The coach summoned 48 footballers ahead of a start full of complications against Brazil as a visitor and Argentina of premises.

Obviously, among so many names is that of Marcelo Moreno Martinshistoric scorer of The green, with 31 goals, who is also one game away from 102, to become the player with the most appearances in his country's team, equaling Ronald Raldes. The objective? Re-qualify for a World Cup almost two decades after arriving in the United States in 1994.

After the premiere, those of Costas will be hosts Argentina next Tuesday, September 12 in Hernando Siles Stadium from La Paz from 5 p.m. and the Brazilians will meet Peru that same day to conclude the day's activity.


Brazil: Ederson, Danilo, Marquinhos, Gabriel MagalhĂŁes, Renan Lodi, Casemiro, Bruno GuimarĂŁes, Neymar, Rodrygo, Raphinha and Richarlison. DT: Fernando Diniz.

Bolivia: Guillermo Viscarra; Jairo Quinteros, Adrian Jusino, Marcelo Suarez; Diego Medina, Diego Bejarano, Boris Cespedes, Roberto Fernandez, Gabriel Villamil; Jaime Arrascaita and Marcelo Moreno Martins. DT: Gustavo Costas

Stadium: Para Olympic Stadium (Brazil)

Referee: Juan BenĂ­tez (Paraguay) / VAR: Carlos Benitez (Paraguay)

Television: TyC Sports (Argentina) / Vix Premium (Mexico) / RCN and Gol Caracol (Colombia) / DirecTV Sports (South America) / SporTV and Rede Globo (Brazil) / Tigo Sports (Bolivia) / Movistar Sports (Peru)


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