Bravo Awards honor the head of the US Southern Command and leaders of the region

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Miami, Oct 20 (EFECOM).- The head of the US Southern Command, Laura J. Richardson, and the leaders of the company CMPC, Grupo Mariposa and Pix-Banco Central of Brazil were awarded this Friday with the Bravo Awards 2023, awarded annually by the Americas Society/Council of the Americas (COAS).

The COAS Bravo Awards, presented during a gala at the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), recognize excellence and leadership in business and public policy in the Western Hemisphere.

General Richardson, the first woman in charge of the United States Southern Command, an Army institution that cooperates on security issues with the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean, received the Bravo Award for Hemispheric Leader of the Year at the event.

Richardson is also the second woman to reach the rank of four-star general in the US Armed Forces.

The leader of the Southern Command "has strengthened relations between the United States and Latin America" ​​and "has contributed to promoting security, freedom and prosperity in the Western Hemisphere," COAS highlighted.

The Bravo Sustainability of the Year Award was awarded in the 28th edition to Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, general director of Empresas CMPC.

Ruiz-Tagle is recognized for his "dynamic leadership driving the company's growth and industry-leading sustainability practices."

With more than 103 years of history, Empresas CMPC is a multinational Chilean company dedicated to the production and marketing of wood, pulp, packaging products, sanitary products and toilet paper, among others.

This company has been distinguished for "raising the level of sustainable and environmentally conscious operations in Latin America and the world."

The Bravo Award for Visionary Business Leader of the Year went to Luis Miguel Castillo, president of Grupo Mariposa, a Guatemalan food and beverage conglomerate and PepsiCo's oldest bottler outside the United States, with more than 130 years in the industry.

Castillo was recognized for his "entrepreneurial spirit and strong commitment to driving business growth and social impact in Central America and beyond."

And the Pix ecosystem of the Central Bank of Brazil, the innovative instant payments solution launched in November 2020, was recognized with the Bravo Award for Innovation Model.

Since its launch less than three years ago, Pix has had "enormous success", being used by more than 700 financial institutions and by 80% of Brazilian adults, which has allowed a boost to "financial inclusion in Brazil at an unprecedented rate."

An innovative initiative that is awarded in the figure of Governor Roberto Campos Neto, governor of the Central Bank of Brazil, an "agent of change and driver behind the Pix initiative."

"This year's group of honorees represents outstanding leadership, dedication and expertise in their field, critical to ensuring a more prosperous future for the region," said Susan Segal, president and CEO of COAS.

The COA Symposium 2023, Latin America's leading platform for business dialogue and engagement, today honored these influential leaders of the Western Hemisphere during its session at the University of Miami (UM). EFECOM



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