Brandon Vázquez rescues an agonizing draw for the United States against a Jamaica that extracts oil in its debut in the Gold Cup

Brandon Vazquez celebrates scoring the equalizer for the United States against Jamaica.

Photo: Kamil Krzaczynski/AFP/Getty Images

The United States national team and Jamaica tie at one goal thanks to an agonizing goal from Brandon Vazquez in the Gold Cup debut at Chicago's Soldier Field. The Americans are the big favorites to win this competition after the results obtained in the last Concacaf Nations League.

The first part was very even with a Jamaican team that showed that they came to play against the Concacaf giant without complexes and that was how he was going to get the fruits of his good attitude. However, the first clear one had the stars and stripes in Joel Soñora's boots that he did not know how to define and Blake responded with great reflexes.

At minute 13, Damion Lowe, defender of the Philadelphia Union, entered alone to finish off an excellent header to give the Reggae Boys the advantage who celebrated with a little dance included before their fans and before the astonished gaze of the American fans.

But Jamaica had the opportunity to extend the lead through a shot from the penalty spot that was wasted by Leon Biley and answered with an excellent stretch from goalkeeper Matt Turner who celebrated it as a goal with his teammates. The Aston Villa striker couldn't believe it.

And in this way the first part of the match ended with an advantage for the Jamaican team, which up to that moment was only getting oil in the debut.

Second leg between the United States and Jamaica

The United States was going to come out with everything in search of a tie but they were not very fine when it came to defining, the eleven led by the Icelandic dentist Heimir Hallgrímsson, knew how to play with the despair of the American team that could not get answers.

For his part, At minute 70, Andre Blake, star goalkeeper for the Philadelphia Union, took a very clear chance for the United States with his feet and showed that he is one of the best goalkeepers in Concacaf today.

It was not until the 88th minute when Brandon Vazquez from Cincinnati F.C. He was able to achieve the agonizing tie for the Stars and Stripes team who disappointed in what was his debut against a responsive Jamaica who is in the Gold Cup to fight anyone.

Despite this tie, the so-called Concacaf giant should have no problems accessing the next round, taking into account that their next matches will be against Saint Kitts and Nevis and the Trinidad and Tobago National Team.

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