Bosch celebrates the relaunch of its Technical Training Center in Toluca

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boscha leading technology, services and software company, has among its commitments to Mexico the preparation and development of young mexicans talented people from public schools. To this end, it has programs to support education through Robert Bosch Foundation and other technical training in their production plants.

In 2022 alone, 37 projects were developed through the Foundation that provided scholarships, infrastructure, equipment and training for students and teachers from 80 institutions with a high rate of social vulnerability and economic, benefiting more than 25 thousand people. Additionally, the scholarship program MexCellence has promoted 208 young people since 2014.

In this context, Bosch Mexico celebrated the relaunching after more than 50 years of operation from his Technical Training Center in its plant Tolucaspecialized in the sector automotivewhere the model is applied Dual Education that complements the knowledge young student theorists of technical specialties with day-to-day practice in a work environment.

Frank Meyervice president of Bosch Toluca, mentioned "the objective of the Technical Training Center is to provide orientation and support for the education of future talents that will ensure the sustainable growth of the industrial footprintespecially in the Mexico state and even more in the Toluca area."

He announced that among the most recent innovations of the Center stand out updating study plansexpanding from pure mechanics to Mechatronicadding important elements such as roboticsprogramming and management of big data related to Artificial intelligence. Furthermore, to strengthen your International network An exchange program has been established with Bosch plants in Germany that allows selected students to work on international teams abroad.

During the relaunchingauthorities government, diplomatic and educational experienced firsthand the learning environment and interacted with some of the Center's beneficiaries who join the more than 1,220 students who graduated through this model in only Toluca. Two out of every five students who go through this experience have decided to build a career within the same company.

About Bosch Toluca

It stands out as a leading manufacturing center in electronic motors, systems wiper washermotors ventilationlow pressure sensors, powertrain solutions and machinery for the industry. Its Technical Training Center is focused on training of highly qualified technicianscollaborating closely with six institutions secondary and upper secondary education. Through valuable agreements, it ensures that its workforce remains up-to-date and a leader in its field. Has implemented international exchange programs between Germany and Mexicothus strengthening its commitment to the training of highly trained professionals.


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