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The elected president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, announced on Monday the appointment of Lieutenant Colonel Cecilia Navarro Luque of Carabineros (militarized police) as aide-de-camp to the Presidency, which makes her the first woman to assume the position.


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The officer with 23 years of service, who worked in the Directorate of Human Rights of the Sixth Police Station on Easter Island, stated that: “As a policewoman, I am deeply proud of the trust placed both by my institution and by the president. Gabriel Boric.

At the same time, he added that: “With this appointment as presidential aide, I also represent the thousands of police officers who selflessly carry out their duties throughout our country.”

This appointment responds to Boric's presidential agenda aimed at expanding the capacity of women's rights. Based on this, the president also decided to include the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity in the political committee.

In this sense, the president-elect expressed at the Interministerial Meeting for Gender Policies that: "I strongly urge you, particularly men, to take it very seriously and that at the end of our Government we can have collaborated with cultural change that the feminist movement has pushed".

For her part, the future Minister of Defense, Maya Fernández, expressed regarding the appointment of Lieutenant Colonel Navarro as presidential aide-de-camp: "I think it is very important for these times, it is very good that we women occupy all the spaces as corresponds in a society. It is important as a sign, that she be the first assistant and prior to March 8".

At the same time, Boric will place Patricio Acevedo, Jaime Muena and Iván Labra as representatives of the Navy, the Air Force and the Army, respectively, who will have a direct job with the next executive.

The dependencies of the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity of Chile will move to the interior of the seat of government, the Palacio de La Moneda, during the administration of Gabriel Boric, informed its future spokesperson, Camila Vallejo.

"The first gesture and the first decision that I want to announce in line with gender equality is that the Ministry of Women will have its office in La Moneda, it will have its own space in the Palace," Vallejo said at a conference. of press.

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