Bolivian Vice President and Senior Officials Test Positive for Covid-19 | News


A group of seven Bolivian government officials, led by Vice President David Choquehuanca, tested positive for Covid-19, although in all cases they are in good condition and continue to carry out their work from home.


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The Bolivian Ministry of the Presidency confirmed the news and expanded on the matter: “We inform the Bolivian people that the Vice President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and the ministers of the portfolios of: Foreign Relations, Government, Defense, Development Planning, Justice and Institutional Transparency, and Education have been diagnosed as positive for Covid-19 “

For her part, the Deputy Minister of Communication, Gabriela Alcon, stressed that the authorities are immunized, in some cases even with the third booster dose, for which, now, all present a stable picture and perform their functions remotely and fulfilling the isolation protocol.

In the case of Choquehuanca, 60 years old, just last Monday, January 3, she received the first dose of the anticovid vaccine and after being vaccinated, she stated that the health of the Bolivian people must be taken care of “with the two medicines: pharmacological medicine and natural, ancestral and traditional medicine “to defeat Covid-19.

The vice president and the ministers are joined by the mayor of El Alto, in the department of La Paz, Eva Copa, who on Monday announced that she had also tested positive for the virus that causes Covid-19.

According to the local Ministry of Health, in the first week of 2022 Bolivia reached a record of infections with 60,801 positive cases of Covid-19; although it has the lowest fatality rate of the entire pandemic, 0.6 percent.

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